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In the pursuit of excellence, we wanted to challenge traditional processing methods and push the boundaries to create a new forward generation of thinking. We partnered with industry leaders and challenged them to redefine “what’s possible” which has opened the door to the future of optics. The result is a collaborative fusion of technological brilliance that will provide a strong platform for independent optics for now and well into the future.



Perfection EVERYDAY Brilliant for first time wearers, superbly balanced with fast and easy adaption combined with smooth, soft power gradients. “Softer Design” - Fast adaption due to wide far, intermediate and near vision zones. Perfect for general all-day-use. Easy to check [...]


Everyday Wide

Perfection EVERYDAY WIDE The go to lens for seasoned PAL wearers, fast adaption rate incorporating a slightly harder design with super wide near and intermediate zones. “Harder” design Smaller area of unwanted astigmatism Larger clear zones with optimal visual acuity for [...]



Perfection TASK A perfect solution for boardroom and classroom environments, the Task lens incorporates smooth wide fields of view in both intermediate and near zones. Working distances: 0.4 – 4 m Optimized for all near and intermediate distance Great for desk [...]



Perfection DEVICE As the name suggests, ideal for the constant device user and office desk environment. Hobbyists will also love the Device lens, as it offers unparalleled fields of view in both near and intermediate zones. Working distances: 0.4m – 2m Typical [...]


Single Vision

Perfection SINGLE VISION The most accurate Single Vision Lens on the market which incorporates a special panoramic calculation process to provide ultra-crisp visual comfort like no other. Freeform lens design Virtually free of aberrations due to oblique power and astigmatism compensation at more than [...]


Single Vision Sportz Accuracy

Perfection SINGLE VISION SPORTZ ACCURACY The ultimate in Single Vision performance lens for a sports active lifestyle, the SV Sportz lens takes extreme visual performance to whole new level. The Accuracy Calculation process takes into consideration wrap angle, base curve, pantoscopic tilt and back [...]

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