Project Description

Perfection EVERYDAY

Brilliant for first time wearers, superbly balanced with fast and easy adaption combined with smooth, soft power gradients.

  • “Softer Design” – Fast adaption due to wide far, intermediate and near vision zones.

  • Perfect for general all-day-use.

  • Easy to check the quality.

  • Perfect for first-time progressive wearers.

  • Available with the ACCURACY CALCULATION.

Lens Simulation

Viewing Field


  • Spontaneous Adaptation
  • Low Distortion
  • Natural Spatial Perception
  • Optimal Gradients
  • Thickness Optimizations


  • Optical design calculated by a new complex optimization algorithm
  • Adapted to individual figure of sphere, cylinder, axis, prism, prism base and addition
  • Minimization of aberrations for frame and centration data
  • Reduction of unwanted astigmatism in the periphery
  • Smooth gradients to periphery
  • Design Morphing Technology. Wearer immediately adapts to the next higher addition

“Our experience of the Everyday Series multifocal lens has been fantastic. As expected, current multifocal wearers have adapted well with frequent comments of crisp, clear vision with no peripheral distortion.

More pleasing, first time wearers and some previous non-adaptors have also been greatly impressed.

Our dispensers have a lens that we are confident will be prescribed to many happy wearers.”

Stuart Mackay, Thomas and Mackay


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