Project Description

Perfection DEVICE

As the name suggests, ideal for the constant device user and office desk environment. Hobbyists will also love the Device lens, as it offers unparalleled fields of view in both near and intermediate zones.

  • Working distances: 0.4m – 2m

  • Typical distance to screen (0.6 – 0.8 m) is already reached with a slightly lowered view

  • Wide parts of a screen look sharp

  • Suitable for hobbies and tasks requiring focus and concentration

  • Available with the ACCURACY CALCULATION.

Lens Simulation

Viewing Field


  • Spontaneous Adaptation
  • Low Distortion
  • Natural Spatial Perception
  • Optimal Gradients
  • Thickness Optimizations


  • Optical design calculated by a new complex optimization algorithm
  • Adapted to individual figure of sphere, cylinder, axis, prism, prism base and addition
  • Minimization of aberrations for frame and centration data
  • Reduction of unwanted astigmatism in the periphery
  • Smooth gradients to periphery
  • Design Morphing Technology. Wearer immediately adapts to the next higher addition
“After wearing multifocals for many years,and many different designs ,the new Perfection series multifocal stands head and shoulders above anything I have worn before.
It is like wearing a single vision lens, the easy adaptation and wider field of view make these lenses a game changer.
Well done to the team at CR surfacing.”
Stephen Naylor, Dispenser, Glenn Optical


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