Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions2018-03-15T04:32:34+00:00

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When should I prescribe Everyday over Everyday Wide?2018-03-15T04:30:03+00:00
Everyday should be used for first time wearers or those with low additions or sensitive to movement.
Everyday Wide should be used for experienced wearers, higher addition or those wanting a large near zone.
When would I prescribe Task over Device?2018-03-15T04:30:35+00:00
Task is convenient to use in an office environment for near and intermediate use upto 4m in focal length.
Device is convenient to use working at desk or PC at close proximity upto 2m in focal length.
Do I need to specify a ‘shift’ with Device or Task?2018-03-15T04:31:03+00:00

No, simply order by providing distance and the addition details. Software determines the appropriate power change to suit the focal length ordered.

What measurements do I need to supply when ordering Task or Device?2018-03-15T04:34:48+00:00

Simply provide Distance PD and centre pupil height.

Do I need to specify corridor length?2018-03-15T23:27:27+00:00

You don’t need to specify corridor length however you are able to specifically request a height.

The software will determine the optimum height to suit the overall prescription and frame combination.

What is the ‘Accuracy’ calculation?2018-03-15T23:27:46+00:00

This is a process to maximise personalisation of the Perfection lens designs to suit the patient. Position of wear measurements are required when ordering ‘Accuracy’.

When are the Perfection Designs compensated?2018-03-15T23:27:57+00:00

The Accuracy calculation when applied will integrate a compensated prescription and will be supplied with a statement on verification of compensated prescription versus ordered prescription.

The Perfection range without the Accuracy calculation ordered, will be supplied ‘as prescription ordered’ and will read true when measured in a Vertometer.

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