Perfection Lens Series

The PERFECTION LENS SERIES are made by CR Surfacing Laboratories in Melbourne, Australia.



CR Surfacing Laboratories is Australia’s largest manufacturing lens laboratory, continuing to produce exclusively within Australia. Celebrating over 40 years in the industry, our commitment to supporting independent 
Optometry – whilst maintaining our own independence – has seen us grow to become
a true market leader.

CR Surfacing Laboratories will continue to process all work within Australia at the Head Office in Melbourne, Victoria. CR Surfacing supports independent practices by delivering high quality, leading products backed by 
exceptional service and support. We stand by the simple principal of delivering exceptional products and a desire to continually improve.

Careful business planning, efficiency in business practice and strong industry knowledge has allowed CR Surfacing Laboratories to sustain a competitive business and still manufacture within Australia, supporting local businesses and employees.

During the last financial year, much development has occurred in increasing capacity, new product offerings, expanding premises, continuation of investments and streamlining procedures. CR Surfacing Laboratories still maintains and cements its reputation for superior quality and expertise in service.

CR Surfacing Laboratories commands an 
in-depth industry knowledge rarely found in today’s manufacturing environment. Employing over 50 highly skilled staff within Australia and New Zealand, over 90% of these employees are technically qualified and are handpicked based on reputation and skill set. Our technicians are confident in decision-making and experience with regard to lens production, delivering a precise product with exceptional attention 
to detail.

Our Management Team are all trade qualified technicians with a combined depth of knowledge of optics and the optical market. Many have worked in laboratories, run retail practices and worked in high level positions for large multi-nationals. Our Customer Service team and Business Development Managers are all optically trained to provide our customers with the best service possible. Combined with the formal business qualifications which our team possess, this is a reflection of CR Surfacing Laboratories committment to excellence.

In 2015, CR Surfacing Laboratories joined the Australian Made Campaign to help consumers and practices easily locate and identify a local and independent optical laboratory.

“Being involved in the Optical Industry for over 38 years, it has been disappointing to witness the demise of the Ophthalmic manufacturing in Australia”, says Sasha Sergejew, National Sales Manager for CR Surfacing Laboratories.

“Over the last two decades, the manufacturing segment of optics in Australia has reduced from conservative estimates of 3000 skilled employees to approximately less than 300.”

Research has shown that consumers have a clear preference for buying Australian-made products. With recognition of the Australian Made logo at an all-time high of 98%, it is the country-of-origin identifier Australian consumers know and trust best.

“Large multi-national manufacturing continues to focus on low cost benchmarking and cost down activities, moving manufacturing to low cost offshore sites. Along with this has gone over 2700 Australian jobs.”

“Our recent expansion into our new high-tech facility and investment in the world’s latest processing technologies demonstrates our long term interest in sustaining locally based manufacturing.”

CR Surfacing Laboratories is fully committed to continuing manufacturing in Australia and employing Australians.

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